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Costa Rica Vacations - Expert Costa Rica Travel Planning
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Recommended Trips

Best of Costa Rica

First time in Costa Rica?
Want to know the highlights of Costa Rica?

The Best of Costa Rica Package

This itinerary is great for your first Costa Rica Vacation giving you an opportunity to witness a variety of destinations, and experience an Adventure Costa Rica Vacation with some of the best adventures as well as visits to beaches and rain forests. It includes river rafting and safe views of one of the most beautiful volcanoes. You can enjoy it as a Costa Rica Family Vacation or as a Costa Rica Adventure Vacation.

Rainforest Romance

Dreaming of a Costa Rica Honeymoon?
Need a romantic getaway?

Rainforest Romance Package

Dreaming of a Costa Rica Honeymoon? Let us show you how we do it with this Costa Rica Honeymoon Package. This Costa Rica Travel package focuses on three of the most Romantic Costa Rica Vacation hotel destinations in Costa Rica. Rejuvenate yourself in a tropical paradise! Enjoy yourself with this Costa Rica Honeymoon Vacation and finally you can check off your list: Vacation Costa Rica.

Family Vacations

A family vacation to Costa Rica?
Traveling with Children?

Family Vacations Package

A family vacation to Costa Rica? You bet! We have information on family hotels, vacation packages specifically geared towards families of 3 or more, and tons of information about travel, safety, and more. Although we can tailor to any budget and size of family.

Cocktails & Dreams

Need to have a relax Costa Rica Vacation?
Looking for comfort in a private location?

Cocktails & Dreams Package

If your job was Costa Rica Vacation Planning and you wanted to create the perfect Costa Rica Vacation Package here it is. This itinerary is for those looking for the highest level of service.

It is the perfect Costa Rica Beach Rental hotel with no hassles. Here we feature the Hotel Flor Blanca, one of the most incredible hotels in the world. You can now put a check mark in front of: Plan Costa Rica Vacation .

The Ultimate Honeymoon

Honeymoon Vacation in Costa Rica?
Costa Rica Honeymoon Package?

The Ultimate Honeymoon Package

Honeymoon Vacation in Costa Rica? Costa Rica Honeymoon Package? Romantic Private Getaway? This package is it. It is perfect for those looking for a Costa Rica Romantic Vacation to a quiet Costa Rica Beach and the most unique, private locations.

Whether you're on a Vacation Honeymoon in Costa Rica or looking for a romantic getaway, this Honeymoon Costa Rica is for you.

Boutique Hotels

Want to have a Costa Rica luxury vacation?

Boutique Hotels

If you're like us, when you travel you want the unique, the authentic and the fun. If you want a Honeymoon Costa Rica Vacation or just to Travel Costa Rica then here is a unique ticket for four Costa Rica Boutique Hotels.

Boutique properties are generally smaller hotels, with a very unique, Costa Rican flavor. This will only add to making your vacation experience a truly unforgettable one.

We know what makes Costa Rica amazing...

We have over 20 years of combined experience in the Costa Rica travel industry and know our destination exceptionally well. Not only do we know the hotels, tour operators, and locations like the back of our hand, but we also know the culture of each location, what you`re going to find, the nightlife, the beauty that makes each place in Costa Rica special.




Vacation days are precious, and for us your levels of relaxation, awe and satisfaction are #1 priority. We have a team of local specialists with international expertise levels just to we make sure the quality of those valuable moments will be beyond your expectations.

Every person is different. Every couple is different. Every family is different. That’s why in 2 Costa Rica we value and treasure those variances from one client to the next, carefully planning each step of your getaway according to your needs yes, but mainly to your personal dreams and wishes.

We know what we do, and we do it right. We do have a 24/7 number and are at your back and call for whatever need you have during your time at our country, making sure that we can attend any matter that may come up. You will feel safe and taken care of, at all times. Although independent and free permanently.


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