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Costa Rica Beach Vacations

Costa Rica Beach VacationsNo place on Earth has better beaches!

Costa Rica beach vacations are about as close to heaven on Earth as one could imagine. For a relatively small country, Costa Rica is blessed with more than its fair share of gorgeous warm water coastline along the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.

Besides swimming, the beaches offer adventurous travelers the best snorkeling and scuba diving in the world. The temperate climate, warm waters, clean sands and colorful wildlife make for a scenic beachside experience the entire family can enjoy. Those who love surfing will also find there's no shortage of great waves to ride.

Whether you're a simple sun-worshipper or want the excitement of active beach life, 2CostaRica.com is the place to go for the vacation of your dreams. Our tours are tailored to your adventure style, and our package pages include a number of resources for equipment rental, from snorkeling or scuba equipment to kayaks and sailboat rentals and horseback tours.

Not sure what beaches or packages are right for you? Contact a 2CostaRica.com representative for help. Call or e-mail for more information about beaches, equipment rentals and custom packages for the ultimate vacation.

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Sample the Local Cuisine

One of the best parts of Costa Rica beach vacations is the affordable, fresh food.

Costa Rican cuisine is generally healthy. Often it is served home-style in a relaxed atmosphere, and most find it to be extremely reasonable in price. Meat dishes are big in Costa Rica, with beef, chicken, fish and chorizo heavily featured. Other mainstays include rice and beans, fried or baked plantains, papayas and potato dishes.

Visitors love the fruity "refrescos," the Costa Rican version of a shake or smoothie. Fresh blackberries, raspberries, mangoes, pineapples and other tropical fruits are used to make these frothy treats. Also popular are the Limón drinks, which are sweet and refreshing on a hot day at the beach.


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